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11:21 PM

white angry.

Posted by The Incomparable Bozack Jenkins™

Eminem is one of the greatest battle rappers of all time.

Don’t believe me? Ask Benzino.

Or Ja Rule. Or Canibus.

Or Everlast.

If I ever found out Em was goin’ in the studio to tear me a new asshole, I’d call in a favor & beg God for a power outage.. “Encore” was a glitch in The Matrix.. I expect “Relapse” to be pure, unadulterated hellfire.. cuz like Ru Paul in a mini skirt, he's still got it, gotdammit..


Assertive Wit said...

Em frightened me when I first listened to him...then I realized he was a nutcase who ACTUALLY had pretty nice flows...so I gave his psycho maniac ass a pass LOL

Beezy said...

I respect Em for his skills. Seriously, I do. But the reason why I don't like listening to him is due to my dad. Other than Dr. Dre, Eminem is my dad's favorite rapper and he used to wear his shit out! Even the 8 Mile Soundtrack got put on repeat. (::torture!::)I'm just not gonna come around when Relapse comes out. LOL.

Ms_Slim said...

I love Em.
I can't wait til he comes back.
TNT has been wearing out "8 Mile" lately, so "Lose Yourself" is constantly in my head lol

Jay_fever said...

Hate to be the party pooper...But I'm damn near positive Marshall has fallen off. Everyhing I've heard since his last album including that horrid Re-up album (and his first single off his new album)...have been str8 public restroom massacre...turd on the side of the toilet and everything.

suga said...

bwahahaahaha @ turn on the side of the toilet