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10:07 PM

not these niggas again.

Posted by The Incomparable Bozack Jenkins™

Once upon a dream, myself and my future ex-wife Beezy B reviewed Drake's classic mixtape (yeah, I said it) "So Far Gone" via Instant Messenger.. however, due to circumstances beyond my control, the review never saw the light of day.. would it suffer the same fate as Saigon's "Greatest Story Never Told"? Would it fade into oblivion like Karl Kani? Or would it just magically resurface, all fucked up, like Lil' Kim's top lip?

Regardless, the e-Streets were abuzz, and over time people would ask me repeatedly what the hell happened.. like, "Yo, what's the hold up, fam?".. and I was never able to provide them with a solid answer, since I honestly didn't know my damn self.. blaming it on Beezy's traumatic plastic surgery on her feet could only fight off the demand for so long.. it was beginning to look like the Lochness Monster had a better chance of making a red carpet entrance than the review did of seeing of the light of day.. Was Suge keeping it hostage in the Death Row vaults along with Dre's long lost heterosexuality?

But apparently dreams do come true, ladies and gentlemen.. because What's Her Face was kind enough to inform me today that the review has finally been granted parole.. so feel free to stop asking me about it, and peep it your damn self at her blog..

God bless America.


Beezy said...

I don't know whether to say "thank you" or "fuck you" so I'll just keep it cordial and say thanks.

Jay_fever said...